People often call a therapist after they’ve tried for a while to problem-solve a relationship, a condition, or a situation on their own. Some may feel that they’ve failed or run out of options.

But there are always options.

When people believe they’ve exhausted all their alternatives, they’re often stuck retrying different versions of the same alternative.

Therapy involves developing new options to address a problem more effectively.    

It takes courage to give therapy a try. When someone calls a therapist, it may be the first time that they’ve resolved to try something outside their “comfort zone.”

But trying something outside of one’s comfort zone reflects a willingness to try something different. It also reflects a readiness for change, and change is essentially what therapy is about: making changes about oneself in order to get what one wants from life and relationships.

The Initial Consultation

The Initial Consultation is a chance to see what it might be like for us to work together.

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Setting for the initial consultation for therapy with Peter Lobl.

Individual Therapy

Therapy often involves updating certain outlooks about oneself or others.

Following these updates, decisions tend to be more effective.

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Setting for individual therapy with Peter Lobl

For Couples

In therapy, couples often work at resolving two competing priorities: greater intimacy and self-protection.

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Office of Peter Lobl, who provides therapy for couples and families

For Lawyers

Because of my past work as an Associate, I grasp readily the nature of the distress my attorney clients experience on the job and at home.

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Therapy for lawyers with Peter Lobl

For Florida Residents

I am registered as a telehealth provider in the State of Florida and can offer individual and couple’s therapy to those Florida residents who are open to holding therapy sessions on a “remote only” basis.

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Peter Lobl provides teletherapy for Florida residents.